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  • adj.


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「not capable of being obtained; "a rare work, today almost inaccessible"; "timber is virtually unobtainable in the islands"; "untouchable resources buried deep within the earth"」
unobtainable, unprocurable, untouchable

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「capable of being reached only with great difficulty or not at all」

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  • KinoHaptics: An Automated, Wearable, Haptic Assisted, Physio-therapeutic System for Post-surgery Rehabilitation and Self-care.
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  • A carefully planned, structured, and supervised physiotherapy program, following a surgery, is crucial for the successful diagnosis of physical injuries. Nearly 50 % of the surgeries fail due to unsupervised, and erroneous physiotherapy. The demand for a physiotherapist for an extended period is exp
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  • Following intravenous injection of anti-cancer nanomedicines, many barriers need to be overcome en route to the tumor. Cell-mediated delivery of nanoparticles (NPs) is promising in terms of overcoming several of these barriers based on the tumoritropic migratory properties of particular cell types.
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  • On the 12th of March 2011, The Great Tōhoku Earthquake occurred 70 km off the eastern coast of Japan, generating a large 14 m high tsunami. The ensuing catalogue of events over the succeeding 12 d resulted in the release of considerable quantities of radioactive material into the environment. Im
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  • Human Dopamine Receptor D4 (DRD4) orchestrates several neurological functions and represents a target for many psychological disorders. Here, we examined two rare variants in DRD4; V194G and R237L, which elicit functional alterations leading to disruption of ligand binding and G protein coupling, re
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  • 石炭開発に対する焼畑民の対応と認識 : インドネシア・東カリマンタン州のベシ村を事例として(<特集>現代インドネシアの森林をめぐる所有と利用)
  • High-resolution Identification and Separation of Living Cell Types by Multiple microRNA-responsive Synthetic mRNAs
  • Detection of low density natural forest in the Andes region using LANDSAT 8 imagery
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  • 超音波の多数回反射を利用した配管接触部等の腐食検査技術の開発
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  • vt.
  • 引き離す、隔離する、取っておく。(法律)没収する、(財産を)一次差し押さえる。(化)(沈殿防止剤を入れて)(金属イオンを)可溶化状態にとめておく、封鎖する
It is highly lipoophilic, is extensively sequestered in tissues, and undergoes very slow hepatic metabolism.(amiodarone)(PHD.428)
Normally, about one-third of circulating platelets are sequestered in the spleen, where they are in equilibrium with circulating platelets.
  • n.
Because HBcAg is intracellular and, when in the serum, sequestered within an HBsAg coat, naked core particles do not circulate in serum and, therefore, HBcAg is not detectable routinely in the serum of patients with HBV infection.(HIM.1933)

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「undergo sequestration by forming a stable compound with an ion; "The cations were sequestered"」

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「set apart from others; "The dentist sequesters the tooth he is working on"」
sequestrate, keep apart, set apart, isolate

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「requisition forcibly, as of enemy property; "the estate was sequestered"」

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「…‘を'隔離する;…‘を'隠退させる / 〈財産なじ〉‘を'押収する」



  • n.
肺分画症 pulmonary sequestration]
  • ex.
  • thrombocytopenia( due to platelet sequestration, portal hypertension, or hypersplenism)
  • neutrophil sequestration and migration into alveolus

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「the action of forming a chelate or other stable compound with an ion or atom or molecule so that it is no longer available for reactions」

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「seizing property that belongs to someone else and holding it until profits pay the demand for which it was seized」

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「a writ that authorizes the seizure of property」

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「隔離,追放 / 隠退,隠遁(いんとん) / (財産の)仮差し押さえ,没収」