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  • adj.
  • n.
  • a person suffering from or subject to hypochondria
  • a person who worries or talks excessively about his or her health

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「suffering from hypochondria」

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「a patient with imaginary symptoms and ailments」

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「心気症患者 / 心気症の」

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  • Narcissistic vulnerability is a common cause for depression in patients with Gilles de la Tourette syndrome.
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  • BACKGROUND: Monosymptomatic hypochondriac psychosis (MHP) patients present with a delusional ideation that revolves around one particular hypochondriac concern. Delusional infestation is the most common type of MHP seen by the dermatologist.OBJECTIVES: This study was designed to retrospectively inve
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  • We reported a case of amoebic liver abscess (ALA) in a 6-year-old Malaysian boy who presented with fever, lethargy, diarrhoea and right hypochondriac pain. On admission he was diagnosed with perforated acute appendicitis and a laparotomy was done. After surgery he developed acute respiratory distres
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  • 認知症の抑うつ状態,心気状態に対する薬物療法 (特集 認知症の薬物療法 : 最新Update)
  • 右腎盂癌術後急速に皮下転移増大を来した1例
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  • 内科領域における高齢者の心気的不安への森田療法的アプローチ
  • 腹腔鏡下手術にて摘出した胆嚢に付着した副肝の2例



As a hypochondriac, everytime when I feel Quiz: are you a hypochondriac? - TelegraphThink I'm A Hypochondriac - The They say I’m a hypochondriac: my parents hypochondriac flicker hypochondriac  For You » Word Origins: hypochondriacBut its worthwhile having to sacrifice Hypochondriac1




  • vi.
  • 付属する、属する(to)。適する、似合う(to)。関係する(to)
However, this upper limit does not pertain to the therapeutic use of niacin.(HIM.444)(この上限はナイアシンの治療目的の使用には関係ない)
Information on key trial characteristics, including information pertaining to the risk of bias were extracted and recorded.
belong, concern, connect, connection, correlation, germane, implicate, interplay, pertinent, referable, relate, relation, relationship, reside, respect

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「be a part or attribute of」

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「(…に)関係がある,関連する《+『to』+『名』》 / (…に)付属する《+『to』+『名』》」



  • adj.
  • 心気症の
  • 下肋部の



  • n.

WordNet   license wordnet

「chronic and abnormal anxiety about imaginary symptoms and ailments」

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