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「of a cell or organism having a single set of chromosomes」
haploidic, monoploid

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「(genetics) an organism or cell having only one complete set of chromosomes」

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  • Spermatogenesis.
  • Chu DS, Shakes DC.SourceDepartment of Biology, San Francisco State University, 1600 Holloway Avenue, San Francisco, CA, USA, chud@sfsu.edu.
  • Advances in experimental medicine and biology.Adv Exp Med Biol.2013;757:171-203.
  • During spermatogenesis, pluripotent germ cells differentiate to become efficient delivery vehicles to the oocyte of paternal DNA. Though male and female germ cells both undergo meiosis to produce haploid complements of DNA, at the same time they also each undergo distinct differentiation processes t
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  • Meiotic Development in Caenorhabditis elegans.
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  • Caenorhabditis elegans has become a powerful experimental organism with which to study meiotic processes that promote the accurate segregation of chromosomes during the generation of haploid gametes. Haploid reproductive cells are produced through one round of chromosome replication followed by two
  • PMID 22872477
  • Pyruvate dehydrogenase complex: mRNA and protein expression patterns of E1α subunit genes in human spermatogenesis.
  • Pinheiro A, Silva MJ, Graça I, Silva J, Sá R, Sousa M, Barros A, Tavares de Almeida I, Rivera I.SourceResearch Institute for Medicines and Pharmaceutical Sciences (iMed.UL), Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Gene.Gene.2012 Sep 10;506(1):173-8. Epub 2012 Jun 29.
  • During spermatogenesis, germ cells undergo a complex process of cell differentiation and morphological restructuring, which depends on the coordinated expression of different genes. Some vital examples are those involved in cell energy metabolism, namely the genes encoding the E1α subunit of pyruva
  • PMID 22750801


  • Experimental approach to prezygotic chromosome screening using only a single pair of gametes in mice
  • WATANABE Hiroyuki,KOHDA Atsushi,TATENO Hiroyuki
  • Journal of Reproduction and Development advpub(0), 2015
  • … Thereafter, chromosome analysis of blastomeres, reflecting the genetic constitution of individual spermatozoa and oocytes, was performed, and we confirmed that most of the androgenic and gynogenic 2-cell embryos had a haploid set of chromosomes in their sister blastomeres. …
  • NAID 130005089927
  • Quantitative trait loci for whiteness of cooked rice detected in improved rice cultivars in Hokkaido
  • Shinada Hiroshi,Yamamoto Toshio,Yamamoto Eiji [他],Hori Kiyosumi,Hirayama Yuji,Maekawa Toshihiko,Kiuchi Hitoshi,Sato Hirokazu,Sato Takashi
  • Breeding Science 65(3), 201-207, 2015
  • … Then, we developed doubled haploid lines (DHLs) derived from a cross between two cultivars from Hokkaido, Joiku No. 462 (high WCR) and Jokei06214 (low WCR). …
  • NAID 130005088168
  • Pol I-transcribed hepatitis C virus genome RNA replicates, produces an infectious virus and leads to severe hepatic steatosis in transgenic mice
  • ISLAM Mohammod Johirul,HIKOSAKA Keisuke,NORITAKE Hidenao,UDDIN Mohammad Khaja Mafij,AMIN Mohammed Badrul,AOTO Kazushi,WU Yi-Xin,SATO Eiji,KOBAYASHI Yoshimasa,WAKITA Takaji,MIURA Naoyuki
  • Biomedical Research 36(3), 159-167, 2015
  • … We obtained a transgenic mouse with 200 copies per haploid which we named the A line mouse. …
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  • Distribution of the sex chromosome during mouse spermatogenesis in testis tissue sections
  • Journal of Reproduction and Development advpub(0), 2015
  • … During mammalian spermatogenesis, spermatogenic cells undergo mitotic division and are subsequently divided into haploid spermatids by meiotic division, but the dynamics of sex chromosomes during spermatogenesis are unclear in vivo. …
  • NAID 130005075502


a. What combination(s) of chromosomes are possible in daughter cells following mitosis? b. What combination(s) of chromosomes are possible in haploid cells ... humans with other species was not and probably will never be tested.
haploidとは。意味や和訳。[形]1 単一の.2 生物半数(性)の,単数(性)の. ⇒DIPLOID [名]生物半数体,単数体:一組だけの染色体を有する生物体[細胞]. - goo辞書は国語、英和、和英、中国語、百科事典等からまとめて探せる ...
haploid adj. Having the same number of sets of chromosomes as a germ cell or half as many as a somatic cell ... Ask Answer Enter question or phrase... Search: All sources Community Q&A Reference topics Browse: Unanswered ...


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拡張検索haploidy」「haploid cell」「haploidentical



haploid phasehaplophasehaploid、(電気)monophasicmonophase






  • adj.
  • 単相性の、単相の、一相性の
haploidhaploid phasehaploidyhaplophasemonophase






一価染色体 univalent chromosome
半数体 haploid



  • n.
haploidhaploid cellmonophasic

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「the condition of being haploid」

haploid cell」





  • adj.
  • ハプロタイプ一致の

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