granulomatous colitis

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Crohn disease

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  • CARD15 gene overexpression reduces effect of etanercept, infliximab, and adalimumab on cytokine secretion from PMA activated U937 cells.
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  • Crohn's disease (CD), a subcategory of inflammatory bowel disease, is an immune-related disorder characterized by inflammation of the gastrointestinal mucosa, which can take place in any region along the alimentary tract. The most important gene involved in the etiology of CD is NOD2/CARD15 located
  • PMID 26102563
  • Role of HLA typing on Crohn's disease pathogenesis.
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  • Crohn's disease (CD) is the main type of chronic inflammatory bowel disease of unknown etiology. Evidence from family and twin studies suggests that genetics plays a significant role in predisposing an individual to develop Crohn's disease. A susceptibility locus for Crohn's disease has been mapped
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  • Lower extremity necrotizing fasciitis: A unique initial presentation of Crohn's disease.
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  • Crohn's disease is a disease of the bowel, typically presenting with diarrhea, weight loss, and abdominal pain. Complications such as abscesses, fistulas, and strictures may require surgical intervention. We would like to report a patient with Crohn's disease who presented for the first time with le
  • PMID 26155362


  • 潰瘍性大腸炎に合併したSuperficial Granulomatous Pyodermaの1例 (特集 紅斑症)
  • 二次性上葉肺線維症 : 肺MAC症,潰瘍性大腸炎,食道癌照射後,肺移植後
  • 日本サルコイドーシス/肉芽腫性疾患学会雑誌 = The Japanese journal of sarcoidosis and other granulomatous
  • NAID 40019835589
  • 二次性上葉肺線維症:肺MAC症,潰瘍性大腸炎,食道癌照射後,肺移植後
  • 日本サルコイドーシス/肉芽腫性疾患学会雑誌 33(1), 57-60, 2013
  • NAID 130004709433


colitis /co·li·tis/ (ko-li´tis) inflammation of the colon; see also enterocolitis. amebic colitis see under dysentery. antibiotic-associated colitis see under enterocolitis. collagenous colitis a type of colitis of unknown etiology ...
Granulomatous colitis symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment information for Granulomatous colitis (Crohn's disease) with alternative diagnoses, full-text book chapters, misdiagnosis, research treatments, prevention, and ...



先読みCrohn disease
リンク元肉芽腫性大腸炎」「ileocolitis」「granulomatous enteritis

Crohn disease」

  [★] クローン病 Crohn's disease CD



granulomatous colitis


  [★] 回結腸炎

Crohn diseaseCrohn's diseasegranulomatous colitisgranulomatous enteritisregional enteritisregional ileitisterminal ileitis

granulomatous enteritis」



Crohn diseaseCrohn's diseasegranulomatous colitisileocolitisregional enteritisregional ileitisterminal ileitis


  [★] 大腸炎

WordNet   license wordnet

「inflammation of the colon」
inflammatory bowel disease

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  • adj.
  • 肉芽腫性の、肉芽腫の

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「relating to or characterized by granulomas」