glossopharyngeal nerve

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舌咽神経, CN IX

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  • The neuralgias: diagnosis and management.
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  • The neuralgias are characterized by pain in the distribution of a cranial or cervical nerve. While most often brief, severe, and paroxysmal, continuous neuropathic pain may occur. The most commonly encountered entities include trigeminal, postherpetic, glossopharyngeal, and occipital neuralgia. More
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  • BACKGROUND: Trigeminal neuralgia(TN), hemifacial spasm (HFS) and glossopharyngeal neuralgia (GPN) were referred to hyperactive dysfunction syndromes (HDSs) of the cranial nerves. These symptoms may occur synchronously or metachronously, but the combination of three diseases is extremely rare.METHODS
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  • Object Jugular foramen tumors often extend intra- and extracranially. The gross-total removal of tumors located both intracranially and intraforaminally is technically challenging and often requires a combined skull base approach. This study presents a suprajugular extension of the retrosigmoid appr
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  • Mechanisms Involved in Guiding the Preference for Fat Emulsion Differ Depending on the Concentration
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  • Glossopharyngeal and/or vagus nerve involvement is infrequent in patients with chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy (CIDP). … IVIg therapy can be effective against cranial nerve involvement in cases of CIDP. …
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  • 片側性特発性舌下神経麻痺の1例
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  • … Paralysis of the hypoglossal nerve is known as a condition often observed with extracranial lesions (e.g. surgical and accidental trauma, extracranial tumors, and cervical inflammation), and intracranial diseases (e.g. cerebrovascular conditions, demyelinating diseases and brain inflammation). … Hypoglossal nerve is often involved in combination with the glossopharyngeal, vagal, and accessory nerves; …
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nerve (nerv) a cordlike structure comprising a collection of nerve fibers that convey impulses between a part of the central nervous system and some other body region. abducent nerve sixth cranial nerve; origin, a nucleus in the pons ...
CN IX. Glossopharyngeal Nerve The glossopharyngeal nerve as its name suggests is related to the tongue and the pharynx. The ninth cranial nerve exits the brain stem as a the most rostral of a series of nerve rootlets that protrude ...



リンク元舌咽神経」「ninth cranial nerve」「cranial nerve IX」「nervus glossopharyngeus
拡張検索glossopharyngeal nerve disease



glossopharyngeal nerve (B), CN IX
  • 頚静脈孔から頭蓋を出る。迷走神経副神経

一般感覚性 臓性感覚性 特殊感覚性 体性運動性 臓性運動性 鰓弓運動性 神経細胞(中枢神経外) 神経細胞(中脳) 神経細胞(橋) 神経細胞(延髄) 神経細胞(脊髄) ○-< 節後ニューロン 頭蓋からの出口 分布と機能
          脳神経IXの下神経節           頚静脈孔 外耳からの皮膚感覚
          脳神経IXの上神経節           耳下腺、頸動脈小体、頸動脈洞、咽頭、中耳からの臓性感覚
          脳神経IXの下神経節           舌の後ろ1/3からの味覚
                  耳神経節 副交感神経:耳下腺

ninth cranial nerve」



cranial nerve IXglossopharyngeal nerve

cranial nerve IX」



glossopharyngeal nerveninth cranial nerve

nervus glossopharyngeus」



glossopharyngeal nerve

glossopharyngeal nerve disease」


glossopharyngeal neuralgia



  • n.

WordNet   license wordnet

「any bundle of nerve fibers running to various organs and tissues of the body」

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「〈C〉『神経』 / 〈C〉《複数形で》『神経過敏』,いらだち / 〈U〉『勇気』,度胸(courage) / 〈U〉《時にa ~》厚かましさ,ずぶとさ;無礼 / 〈C〉葉脈;(昆虫の)翅脈(しみゃく) / 〈人,特に自分〉‘に'力を与える,‘を'元気づける」



  • 舌咽の

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「pertaining to the tongue and throat」