fifth cranial nerve

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三叉神経 = 第V脳神経第5脳神経第五脳神経

cranial nerve Vtrigeminal nerve

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  • … This disorder often causes progressivelysymptomatic cranial nerve compression, but in rare cases foramen magnum stenosis may lead to quadriplegia. … The authors present here the fifth case report of this rare condition and summarize its characteristics. …
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  • 第8脳神経に対する神経血管圧迫症候群について
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  • … Neurovascular compression syndrome (NVCS) involves neuropathy due to intracranial blood vessels compressing the cranial nerves. … NVCS of the eighth cranial nerve is less reportedly established as a clinical entity than that of the fifth and seventh cranial nerves. … We report 17 cases of NVCS of the eighth cranial nerve and their clinical features. …
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Severe Facial Pain - Trigeminal Neuralgia - 5th Cranial Nerve - Non-Invasive Option - Painless, Image Guided Robotic CyberKnife - 1 short treatment ... The CyberKnife® System is the first, and only, robotic radiosurgery system ...
What you should know about fifth cranial nerve disorders. Disorders of the fifth cranial nerve are different than those of other cranial nerves. The most common cause of a disorder of the cranial nerve is compression around the brain ...


Fifth Cranial NerveFifth Cranial Nerve Clipart EtcFigure 20-1 Fifth cranial nerve ganglion trigeminal nerve (the fifth cranial nerve Fifth Cranial Nerve Clipart EtcFifth Cranial Nerve Clipart Etc

リンク元三叉神経」「第V脳神経」「第5脳神経」「第五脳神経」「cranial nerve V



trigeminal nerve
nervus trigeminus
CN V, fifth cranial nerve
  • 図:N.116(分布)


核 (B.33)

  1. 三叉神経中脳路核
  2. 三叉神経主知覚核
  3. 三叉神経脊髄路核



CN# 一般感覚性 臓性感覚性 特殊感覚性 体性運動性 臓性運動性 鰓弓運動性 神経細胞(中枢神経外) 神経細胞(中脳) 神経細胞(橋) 神経細胞(延髄) 神経細胞(脊髄) ○-< 節後ニューロン 頭蓋からの出口 分布と機能
V1 眼神経           三叉神経節           上眼窩裂 角膜、前頭部、頭皮、眼瞼、鼻の皮膚、鼻腔と副鼻腔の粘膜からの感覚
V2 上顎神経           三叉神経節           正円孔 上唇を含む上顎部の顔の皮膚、上顎の歯、鼻粘膜、上顎洞、口蓋の感覚
V3 下顎神経           三叉神経節           卵円孔 下唇を含む下顎と顔の外側部の皮膚、下顎の歯、顎関節、口の粘膜、舌の2/3の感覚




cranial nerve Vfifth cranial nerve



fifth cranial nerve



fifth cranial nerve

cranial nerve V」



fifth cranial nervetrigeminal nerve



WordNet   license wordnet

「coming next after the fourth and just before the sixth in position」

WordNet   license wordnet

「a quantity of liquor equal to one fifth of a United States gallon」

WordNet   license wordnet

「position five in a countable series of things; "he was fifth out of several hundred runners"」

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「the musical interval between one note and another five notes away from it」

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「《the~》『第5の』,5番目の / 5分の1の / 《the~》『第5』,5番目[のもの];(月の)5日 / 〈C〉5分の1 / 〈C〉《米》5分の1ガロン[びん]」



  • n.

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「any bundle of nerve fibers running to various organs and tissues of the body」

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「〈C〉『神経』 / 〈C〉《複数形で》『神経過敏』,いらだち / 〈U〉『勇気』,度胸(courage) / 〈U〉《時にa ~》厚かましさ,ずぶとさ;無礼 / 〈C〉葉脈;(昆虫の)翅脈(しみゃく) / 〈人,特に自分〉‘に'力を与える,‘を'元気づける」



  • adj.
  • 頭蓋の、頭側の

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「of or relating to the cranium which encloses the brain; "cranial pressure"」

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