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Enhancer elements regulate the tissue- and developmental-stage-specific expression of genes. Recent estimates suggest that there are more than 50,000 enhancers in mammalian cells. At least a subset of enhancers has been ...
Simian virus 40 revertants containing point mutations within the A and C (dpm16) or B and C (dpm26) enhancer elements contain tandem duplications that include the remaining wild-type element. These simple tandem duplications can create enhancers 25-fold more active than that of the parental mutant.


Transcriptional Enhancers and RepressorsFigure 1 : Enhancer function: new insights Enhancer Elements, GeneticSilencer Elements, Transcriptional  views of distant-acting enhancers : Nature via Activators and Enhancer Elements




  • n.
  • 要素、成分、素。(構成)分子。(科学)元素、(数)(集合の)要素、元素、素。(行列の)要素、成分。(図形を火tが千都来る)要素。(文法の)要素
  • (電子)素子、(光学)素子

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「a straight line that generates a cylinder or cone」

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「one of four substances thought in ancient and medieval cosmology to constitute the physical universe; "the alchemists believed that there were four elements"」

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「the situation in which you are happiest and most effective; "in your element"」

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「the most favorable environment for a plant or animal; "water is the element of fishes"」

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「〈C〉(物質を構成する)元素 / 〈C〉《修飾語[句]を伴って》(…の)(基本的な)『要素』,『成分』;《しばしば複数形で》構成分子 / 〈C〉(生物に固有の)生息場所,環境;(人の)適所,本領 / 〈C〉《古》四大(しだい)[元素](自然界の基本的構成要素と考えられていた地(earth)・水(water)・風(air)・火(fire)の4大要素の一つ) / 《the elements》(雨・風・雪などの)自然力・風雨,(特に)悪天候 / 《the elements》(学問の)原理,初歩,概論」



  • v.
  • 増強する、亢進する、強化する、強める

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「increase; "This will enhance your enjoyment"; "heighten the tension"」
heighten, raise

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「make better or more attractive; "This sauce will enhance the flavor of the meat"」

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「violent or severe weather (viewed as caused by the action of the four elements); "they felt the full fury of the elements"」