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  • vi.
  • X字形に交わる
More specifically, neurons of the gracile and cuneate nuclei send projections that decussate as the internal arcuate fibers and ascend as the medial lemniscus to synapse inthe ventroposterolateral nucleus of the thalamus.

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「cross or intersect so as to form a cross; "this nerve decussates the other"; "the fibers decussate"」

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「crossed or intersected in the form of an X」
intersectant, intersecting

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  • Uncrossed epileptic seizures in Joubert syndrome.
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  • Joubert syndrome and related disorders comprise a subgroup of ciliopathies defined by the presence of the 'molar tooth sign', a midbrain-hindbrain malformation identifiable by neuroimaging. Characteristically, the corticospinal tract and superior cerebellar peduncles do not decussate. Epileptic seiz
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  • Neuropils in the cerebral midline of Panarthropoda exhibit a wide spectrum of neuroarchitectures--from rudimentary to highly elaborated--and which at first sight defy a unifying neuroarchitectural principle. Developmental approaches have shown that in model arthropods such as insects, conserved cell
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  • Abstract The leaf coral Pavona decussate is a wide-spread shallow-water species of genus Pavona within Agariciidae. In our study, the entire mitochondrial nucleotide sequence of P. decussate was determined. The sequence was 18,378 bp in length and contained 13 protein-coding genes, 2 ribosomal RNA
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  • イネにおける葉の分化パターンの分子遺伝学的研究
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  • NAID 10030432439
  • カラスビシャクの栽培に関する研究(第1報) : 種子形成について
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  • … The pollen tetrads are isobilateral, decussate and T-shaped. …
  • NAID 110008731606
  • 下部白亜系銚子層群産, Cupressinocladus obatae, sp. nov.
  • 大久保 敦,木村 達明
  • Bulletin of the National Science Museum. Series C, Geology & paleontology 17(3), 91-109, 1991-09
  • … A new species, Cupressinocladus obatae is proposed for the pinnately branched coniferous shoots with decussate opposite scale-leaves, collected from the Lower Cretaceous Choshi Group of marine origin, in the Outer Zone of Japna. …
  • NAID 110004312302
  • On the mechanism of decussate phyllotaxis : Biophysical studies on the tunica layer of Vinca major.


decussateとは。意味や和訳。[動] 〔dikseit〕 (他)(自)…を[が]X字形に交差させる[する]. [形] 〔dikseit, -sit〕 X字形の, 交差した;〈葉が〉十字対生の.de・cus・sa・tion〔digrave;ksein〕[名] - goo辞書は国語、英和、和英 ...
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in four vertical rows: decussate leaves. Origin: Latin decussāre, decussāt-, from decussis, the number ten, intersection of two lines (from the Romans' use of X for the numeral 10), a ten-as coin: decem, ten; see dekm ...






  • adj.
  • 楔状の、楔形の、楔型の
cuneiformsphenoidwedge shapewedge-shaped

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「(of a leaf shape) narrowly triangular, wider at the apex and tapering toward the base」



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「slender and graceful」