competitive nephelometric immunoassay

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  • Development of a highly-sensitive multi-plex assay using monoclonal antibodies for the simultaneous measurement of kappa and lambda immunoglobulin free light chains in serum and urine.
  • Campbell JP1, Cobbold M, Wang Y, Goodall M, Bonney SL, Chamba A, Birtwistle J, Plant T, Afzal Z, Jefferis R, Drayson MT.
  • Journal of immunological methods.J Immunol Methods.2013 May 31;391(1-2):1-13. doi: 10.1016/j.jim.2013.01.014. Epub 2013 Feb 4.
  • Monoclonal κ and λ immunoglobulin free light chain (FLC) paraproteins in serum and urine are important markers in the diagnosis and monitoring of B cell dyscrasias. Current nephelometric and turbidimetric methods that use sheep polyclonal antisera to quantify serum FLC have a number of well-observ
  • PMID 23388695
  • Alteration in diurnal and nocturnal melatonin serum level in patients with chronic heart failure.
  • Dzida G1, Prystupa A1, Lachowska-Kotowska P1, Kadas T1, Kamieński P1, Kimak E2, Hałabiś M2, Kiciński P3.
  • Annals of agricultural and environmental medicine : AAEM.Ann Agric Environ Med.2013;20(4):745-8.
  • INTRODUCTION: Melatonin is best known for its influence on circardian physiology. The circulating levels of the hormone vary in a daily cycle, allowing the regulation of the circadian rhythms of several biological functions. Melatonin is now considered as a cardioprotective factor and its secretion
  • PMID 24364447



A competitive nephelometric immunoassay that is based on the inhibition of immunoprecipitation by a hapten was improved in specificity and in sensitivity for theophylline by the use of a heterologous combination of the assay ...
We have prepared anti-carbamazepine antiserum and developed a competitive nephelometric immunoassay for the determination of carbamazepine and its epoxide metabolite in patient blood plasma. The antiserum was raised by ...


Used Nephelometer - Dade Behring - BN II Used Nephelometer - Dade Behring - BN II Used Nephelometer - Dade Behring - BN II




  • 競合的な、競合性の、競合する、競争の

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「showing a fighting disposition; "highly competitive sales representative"; "militant in fighting for better wages for workers"; "his self-assertive and ubiquitous energy"」

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「involving competition or competitiveness; "competitive games"; "to improve one''s competitive position"」

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「subscribing to capitalistic competition」
free-enterprise, private-enterprise



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「identification of a substance (especially a protein) by its action as an antigen; "PSA in the blood can be measured with an immunochemical assay"」
immunochemical assay



  • 比濁分析の