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A bounding pulse and rapid heart rate both occur in the following conditions or events: Abnormal or rapid heart rhythms Anemia Anxiety Chronic kidney disease Heart failure Heart valve problem called aortic regurgitation
A bounding pulse is a pulse that feels as though your heart is pounding or racing. Your pulse will probably feel strong and powerful if you have a bounding pulse. Your doctor might refer to your bounding pulse as heart palpitations ...


NOTE: Examples of some pulse patterns are  sharply defined shock full bounding pulsebounding-pulse-by-lucas-van-hout -eosin: Arterial pulse and its variantsfinding bounding pulses water hammer pulse Instruments & Vital Signs (5) flashcards




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  [★] 脈拍

WordNet   license wordnet

「drive by or as if by pulsation; "A soft breeze pulsed the air"」

WordNet   license wordnet

「the rate at which the heart beats; usually measured to obtain a quick evaluation of a person''s health」
pulse rate, heart rate

WordNet   license wordnet

「the rhythmic contraction and expansion of the arteries with each beat of the heart; "he could feel the beat of her heart"」
pulsation, heartbeat, beat

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「edible seeds of various pod-bearing plants (peas or beans or lentils etc.)」

WordNet   license wordnet

「produce or modulate (as electromagnetic waves) in the form of short bursts or pulses or cause an apparatus to produce pulses; "pulse waves"; "a transmitter pulsed by an electronic tube"」

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「《通例単数形で》『脈はく』 / (一般に,規則的な)鼓動,律動 / (電気の)パルス / (一般的な)傾向 / 脈を打つ,鼓動する」

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「〈U〉《時に複数扱い》(食用の)豆類 / 〈C〉《通例複数形で》豆のとれる植物」



WordNet   license wordnet

「100 puls equal 1 afghani in Afghanistan」