birth defects

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  • Measuring network's entropy in ADHD: A new approach to investigate neuropsychiatric disorders.
  • Sato JR, Takahashi DY, Hoexter MQ, Massirer KB, Fujita A.SourceCenter of Mathematics, Computation, and Cognition, Federal University of ABC, Rua Santa Adélia, 166, Santo André, SP, 09210-170, Brazil.
  • NeuroImage.Neuroimage.2013 Aug 15;77:44-51. doi: 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2013.03.035. Epub 2013 Apr 6.
  • The application of graph analysis methods to the topological organization of brain connectivity has been a useful tool in the characterization of brain related disorders. However, the availability of tools, which enable researchers to investigate functional brain networks, is still a major challenge
  • PMID 23571416
  • Fowlpox-based survivin vaccination for malignant mesothelioma therapy.
  • Bertino P, Panigada M, Soprana E, Bianchi V, Bertilaccio S, Sanvito F, Rose AH, Yang H, Gaudino G, Hoffmann PR, Siccardi A, Carbone M.SourceDepartment of Cell and Molecular Biology, John A. Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawai'i, Honolulu, HI.
  • International journal of cancer. Journal international du cancer.Int J Cancer.2013 Aug 1;133(3):612-23. doi: 10.1002/ijc.28048. Epub 2013 Feb 25.
  • Survivin protein is an attractive candidate for cancer immunotherapy since it is abundantly expressed in most common human cancers and mostly absent in normal adult tissues. Malignant mesothelioma (MM) is a deadly cancer associated with asbestos or erionite exposure for which no successful therapies
  • PMID 23335100
  • Reproductive immunology.
  • Christiansen OB.SourceFertility Clinic 4071, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Molecular immunology.Mol Immunol.2013 Aug;55(1):8-15. doi: 10.1016/j.molimm.2012.08.025. Epub 2012 Oct 9.
  • Much research has been done to investigate why the fetus in most pregnancies, in spite of being semi-allogenic, is not rejected by the immune system. Experiments in transgenic mice have suggested that dysfunctions in both the innate immune system (NK cells) and the adaptive immune system (T-cells an
  • PMID 23062611


  • Birth–death process of local structures in defect turbulence described by the one-dimensional complex Ginzburg–Landau equation
  • Uchiyama Yusuke,Konno Hidetoshi
  • Physics letters. A. 378(20), 1350-1355, 2014-04
  • … Defect turbulence described by the one-dimensional complex Ginzburg–Landau equation is investigated and analyzed via a birth–death process of the local structures composed of defects, holes, and modulated amplitude waves (MAWs). … In addition, the probability density functions of interarrival times of defects, lifetimes of holes, and MAWs show the existence of long-memory and some characteristic time scales caused by zigzag motions of oscillating traveling holes. …
  • NAID 120005456062
  • Birth Defects, Prenatal Diagnosis and Termination of Pregnancy for Fetal Anomaly : a Historical European Perspective(Perinatology,International Seminar)
  • Boyd Patricia
  • 日本産科婦人科學會雜誌 66(2), 397, 2014-02-01
  • NAID 110009811489
  • Dual Source Computed Tomographyを用いた新生児期の主要大動脈肺動脈側副血行路の評価
  • 辻井 信之,黒嵜 健一,神崎 歩,山本 哲也,水野 将徳,塚田 正範,帆足 孝也,鍵崎 康治,市川 肇,白石 公
  • Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery 30(4), 448-455, 2014
  • 目的:新生児期の主要大動脈肺動脈側副血行路(MAPCA)評価におけるDual Source Computed Tomography(DSCT)の有用性と安全性について検討した.方法:対象は新生児期にDSCTを撮影したMAPCA合併心疾患6例.統合化手術(UF)前の心臓カテーテル検査またはDSCTとMAPCA描出本数を比較した.また心臓カテーテル検査を施行したMAPCA合併乳児10例で放射線吸収線量 …
  • NAID 130004684474


Birth Defect Research for Children is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization that sponsors the National Birth Defect Registry and provides parents with ... Healthy Baby Resource Having a baby should be the most joyous event for any ...
Many parents assume that all birth defects are severe or even fatal, but many are treatable, often immediately after birth - and sometimes even before the baby is born. ... Defects of the Heart Heart defects occur when any of the parts ...






  • n.
aberrantaberrantlyaberrationabnormalabnormalityabnormallyabsenceagenesisanomalousanomalouslyanomalydefectivedeficiencydeficientdeficitdeletiondeletionaldeviantdrawbackextraordinarilyextraordinaryfaultflawinadequacymissmissingmorphological defectshortcomingunusualunusuallyweakness

WordNet   license wordnet

「desert (a cause, a country or an army), often in order to join the opposing cause, country, or army; "If soldiers deserted Hitler''s army, they were shot"」

WordNet   license wordnet

「an imperfection in an object or machine; "a flaw caused the crystal to shatter"; "if there are any defects you should send it back to the manufacturer"」
fault, flaw

WordNet   license wordnet

「an imperfection in a bodily system; "visual defects"; "this device permits detection of defects in the lungs"」

WordNet   license wordnet

「a failing or deficiency; "that interpretation is an unfortunate defect of our lack of information"」

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「〈C〉『欠点』,弱点,欠陥 / 〈U〉〈C〉《古》不足,欠乏 / (国・党・主義などから)離脱する,裏切って出る《+『from』+『名』》;離反して(…に)転向する《+『to』+『名』》」



  • n.

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「the time when something begins (especially life); "they divorced after the birth of the child"; "his election signaled the birth of a new age"」

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「the event of being born; "they celebrated the birth of their first child"」
nativity, nascency, nascence

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「a baby born; an offspring; "the overall rate of incidence of Down''s syndrome is one in every 800 births"」

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「〈C〉〈U〉『誕生』,出生 / 〈U〉『生まれ』,家柄;家系(lineage) / 〈C〉『起原』,起こり(origin)」