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  • Tolerability of aztreonam in patients with cell-mediated allergy to β-lactams.
  • Buonomo A, Nucera E, De Pasquale T, Pecora V, Lombardo C, Sabato V, Colagiovanni A, Rizzi A, Aruanno A, Pascolini L, Patriarca G, Schiavino D.SourceDepartment of Allergology, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Rome, Italy.
  • International archives of allergy and immunology.Int Arch Allergy Immunol.2011;155(2):155-9. doi: 10.1159/000318844. Epub 2010 Dec 22.
  • BACKGROUND: Cross-reactivity between aztreonam and β-lactams is poor, but tolerability of aztreonam has been assessed in a few groups of patients suffering from IgE-mediated allergy to β-lactams. The aim of this study was to assess the cross-reactivity of aztreonam with other β-lactams and its to
  • PMID 21196760
  • Bacampicillin uptake is shared with thiamine in Caco-2 cells.
  • Oda M, Fujimoto K, Kobayashi M, Saitoh H.SourceDepartment of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Health Sciences University of Hokkaido, Ishikari-Tobetsu, Hokkaido, Japan.
  • Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin.Biol Pharm Bull.2007 Jul;30(7):1344-9.
  • Bacampicillin was developed as a prodrug to improve the intestinal absorption of its metabolite ampicillin. This study was undertaken to characterize bacampicillin transport in Caco-2 cells. The uptake of bacampicillin in Caco-2 cells was significantly greater than those of ampicillin and pivampicil
  • PMID 17603179
  • Localized bacillary angiomatosis in the oral cavity: observations about a neoplasm with atypical behavior. Description of a case and review of the literature.
  • Tucci E, Della Rocca C, Santilli F.SourceDepartment of Dentistry and Stomatology, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery I, La Sapienza University, Rome, Italy.
  • Minerva stomatologica.Minerva Stomatol.2006 Jan-Feb;55(1-2):67-75.
  • Bacillary angiomatosis is a rather frequent infectious pathology appearing mainly in the skin but can also affect the liver, spleen, heart, bones, lungs, muscles, central nervous system and other organs. The localization of the lesion in the oral cavity is rather rare, as it is evident in the litera
  • PMID 16495874


  • 咀嚼異常ラットにおける抗菌薬および非ステロイド性抗炎症薬の薬物動態に関する研究
  • Bacampicillin Uptake Is Shared with Thiamine in Caco-2 Cells(Biopharmacy)
  • 麻酔導入後に投与した抗菌薬によるアナフィラキシーショックが強く疑われた1症例


Physician reviewed bacampicillin patient information - includes bacampicillin description, dosage and directions. ... Bacampicillin dosing information Usual Adult Dose for Upper Respiratory Tract Infection: 400 to 800 mg orally every ...
Bacampicillin [BAPC] バカンピシリン, ペニシリン系 1. 商品名 先発品 ペングッド錠250mg/ペングッド顆粒250mg 【日医工】 2. 日本における発売年 1981(昭和56)年 3. 特長 ABPCのプロドラッグ、吸収が良好で、ほぼ100%の バイオ ...


Bacampicillin - brand name list from Drugs pro-drug esters is bacampicillin  : Laboratory Synthesis Of BacampicillinBacampicillin.pngBacampicillinRadialislähmung - Definition - gesundheit

拡張検索bacampicillin hydrochloride



bacampicillin, BAPC
塩酸バカンピシリン bacampicillin hydrochloride
アンピシリンエトキシカルボニルオキシエチル ampicillin ethoxycarbonyl oxyethyl


  [★] バカンピシリン bacampicillin

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