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  • n.
  • (水路・葉脈などの)合流、吻合。網目構造

(adj.)anastomotic, (vt.,vi.)anatomose

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「a natural or surgical joining of parts or branches of tubular structures so as to make or become continuous」

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  • Single Institution Experience with Lymphatic Microsurgical Preventive Healing Approach (LYMPHA) for the Primary Prevention of Lymphedema.
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  • BACKGROUND: As many as 40 % of breast cancer patients undergoing axillary lymph node dissection (ALND) and radiotherapy develop lymphedema. We report our experience performing lymphatic-venous anastomosis using the lymphatic microsurgical preventive healing approach (LYMPHA) at the time of ALND. Th
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  • 術中洗腸法による減圧による一期的切除吻合 (特集 大腸癌イレウスの治療と問題点) -- (左側大腸癌イレウスに対する一期的手術)
  • ステント治療の応用による一期的吻合のピットフォール (特集 大腸癌イレウスの治療と問題点) -- (左側大腸癌イレウスに対する一期的手術)
  • Modified Bentall operation with bioprosthetic valve and Valsalva graft conduit:the "slit skirt" technique
  • リンパ浮腫に対してリンパ管静脈吻合術は効果があるか (AYUMI マイクロサージャリーに関する最近の話題)


An anastomosis (plural anastomoses, from gr. ἀναστόμωσις, communicating opening) is the reconnection of two streams that previously branched out, such as blood vessels or leaf veins. The term is used in medicine, biology, mycology, ...
An anastomosis is a surgical connection between two structures. It usually means a connection that is created between tubular structures, such as blood vessels or loops of intestine. For example, when part of an intestine is surgically removed, ...
a·nas·to·mo·sis ( -n s t -m s s). n. pl. a·nas·to·mo·ses (-s z). 1. The connection of separate parts of a branching system to form a network, as of leaf veins, blood vessels, or a river and its branches. 2. Medicine The surgical connection of separate ...


on Twitter: Anastomosis ArteriovenosaAn arterial anastomosis can be end to end Coronary Anastomosis (A Potential Arterial Vascular AnastomosisAnastomosis | definition of anastomosis by Fotos - Bowel AnastomosisSimple arteriovenous anastomosis. From

拡張検索STA-MCA anastomosis」「Blalock-Taussig anastomosis」「telescope anastomosis



  • v.
  • 吻合する

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「come together or open into each other; "the blood vessels anastomose"」

WordNet   license wordnet

「cause to join or open into each other by anastomosis; "anastomose blood vessels"」



  • adj.
  • 吻合の、吻合部の
anastomoseanastomosisanastomotic regionanastomotic site

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「of or relating to or exhibiting anastomosis」



  • 異なった管腔、臓器、あるいは神経が人為的・病的につながった状態。



  • n.

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STA-MCA anastomosis」



Blalock-Taussig anastomosis」

  [★] ブラロック-タウシグ・シャント

telescope anastomosis」

  [★] テレスコープ吻合