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「a tiny sac for holding air in the lungs; formed by the terminal dilation of tiny air passageways」
air sac, air cell

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  • Mineralization defects in cementum and craniofacial bone from loss of bone sialoprotein.
  • Foster BL1, Ao M2, Willoughby C3, Soenjaya Y4, Holm E5, Lukashova L6, Tran AB7, Wimer HF8, Zerfas PM9, Nociti FH Jr10, Kantovitz KR11, Quan BD12, Sone ED13, Goldberg HA14, Somerman MJ15.
  • Bone.Bone.2015 Sep;78:150-64. doi: 10.1016/j.bone.2015.05.007. Epub 2015 May 9.
  • Bone sialoprotein (BSP) is a multifunctional extracellular matrix protein found in mineralized tissues, including bone, cartilage, tooth root cementum (both acellular and cellular types), and dentin. In order to define the role BSP plays in the process of biomineralization of these tissues, we analy
  • PMID 25963390
  • Buccal bone deficiency in fresh extraction sockets: a prospective single cohort study.
  • Barone A1, Ricci M2, Romanos GE3, Tonelli P4, Alfonsi F2, Covani U1,2.
  • Clinical oral implants research.Clin Oral Implants Res.2015 Jul;26(7):823-30. doi: 10.1111/clr.12369. Epub 2014 Mar 31.
  • OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this prospective single cohort study was to evaluate the use of xenograft and collagen membranes in treating full or partial buccal bone defects of fresh extraction sockets in the esthetic zone.MATERIALS AND METHODS: Thirty-three patients requiring tooth extraction in the a
  • PMID 24684275
  • Flap versus flapless procedure for ridge preservation in alveolar extraction sockets: a histological evaluation in a randomized clinical trial.
  • Barone A1,2,3, Borgia V1,3, Covani U1,3, Ricci M1,3, Piattelli A4, Iezzi G4.
  • Clinical oral implants research.Clin Oral Implants Res.2015 Jul;26(7):806-13. doi: 10.1111/clr.12358. Epub 2014 Mar 1.
  • OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to evaluate and compare the histological and histomorphometric features of two different procedures carried out in extraction socket grafting; namely, the flapped and flapless technique.MATERIALS AND METHODS: Patients considered eligible for the study were random
  • PMID 24580835


  • Secondary Bone Grafting With Simultaneous Auto-Tooth Transplantation to the Alveolar Cleft
  • Miura Kei-ichiro,Yoshida Masashi,Asahina Izumi
  • Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 73(6), 1050-1057, 2015-06
  • … The patient was born with a bilateral cleft lip and left buccal-localized cleft alveolus. …
  • NAID 120005615573
  • 口蓋裂言語検査による鼻咽腔閉鎖機能の評価:―内視鏡検査,側方頭部X線規格写真との関連―
  • 佐藤 亜紀子
  • 日本口蓋裂学会雑誌 40(1), 30-37, 2015
  • 口蓋裂言語検査による鼻咽腔閉鎖機能の評価を行い,内視鏡および側方頭部X線規格写真(以下セファログラム)による軟口蓋,咽頭間の間隙の程度との関連性を調査した。対象は,2007年~2013年の間に4~7歳で鼻咽腔閉鎖機能を精査した口蓋裂初回手術後の48例で,裂型は唇顎口蓋裂40例,口蓋裂単独8例である。唇顎口蓋裂例は全例,顎裂部骨移植の手術前で未閉鎖の顎裂を認めた。口蓋裂言語検査の鼻咽腔閉鎖機能の判定 …
  • NAID 130005074653
  • 矯正治療中の口唇顎裂もしくは口唇口蓋裂を伴う患者の保護者における心理状態と関心事
  • 福重 雅美,前田 綾,上原 沢子,植田 紘貴,帆北 友紀,中村 典史,宮脇 正一
  • 日本口蓋裂学会雑誌 40(1), 13-22, 2015
  • 本研究の目的は,矯正治療中の口唇顎裂もしくは口唇口蓋裂を伴う患者の保護者における心理状態や関心事を明らかにすることである。鹿児島大学医学部・歯学部附属病院矯正歯科を受診した口唇顎裂もしくは口唇口蓋裂を伴う未成年患者の保護者86名を対象とし,歯科衛生士による質問紙調査を行った。VAS法を用いた質問では,保護者を患者の発達段階により5群(幼児期,学童期・小学校低学年,学童期・小学校高学年,青年前期・中 …
  • NAID 130005074651


An alveolus (plural: alveoli, from Latin alveolus, "little cavity") is an anatomical structure that has the form of a hollow cavity. Found in the lung parenchyma, the pulmonary alveoli are the terminal ends of the respiratory tree, which outcrop from ...
a : a socket in the jaw for a tooth. b : a small air-containing compartment of the lungs in which the bronchioles terminate and from which respiratory gases are exchanged with the pulmonary capillaries. c : an acinus of a compound gland ...


 pulmonary alveolus (air sacs) in the lungALVEOLI colouring pagesAlveolus structureCharacteristics of alveoli that help alveolus.gifschematic representation of an alveolus




alveolus (Z), alveoli, pulmonary alveoli, alveoli of the lung
alveoli pulmonis


  • 表面積:80m2。40-120m2。(およそテニスコートの広さ) 参考によると 縦23.77m横10.97mの長方形だけど?
  • 48畳くらいか(ワンルームマンション6畳x8部屋分くらい) = 80(m2) / 1.65(m2/畳)。 1畳 ≒ 0.9(m) x 1.8(m) = 1.62 (m2) ← コンパネの大きさですね



  • 肺胞を押しつぶす力P, 肺胞の半径r, 表面張力T
P = 2T / r