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「a blood disorder characterized by a lower concentration of hydrogen ions in the blood (which rises above 7.45 on the pH scale)」

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  • Evaporation of free water causes concentrational alkalosis in vitro.
  • Lindner G1, Doberer D, Schwarz C, Schneeweiss B, Funk GC.
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  • BACKGROUND: The development of metabolic alkalosis was described recently in patients with hypernatremia. However, the causes for this remain unknown. The current study serves to clarify whether metabolic alkalosis develops in vitro after removal of free water from plasma and whether this can be pre
  • PMID 24343045
  • Risk Factors for Pseudoaldosteronism with Rhabdomyolysis Caused by Consumption of Drugs Containing Licorice and Differences Between Incidence of These Conditions in Japan and Other Countries: Case Report and Literature Review.
  • Yoshino T1, Yanagawa T, Watanabe K.
  • Journal of alternative and complementary medicine (New York, N.Y.).J Altern Complement Med.2014 Mar 12. [Epub ahead of print]
  • Abstract Background: The pathogenesis of licorice-induced pseudoaldosteronism is thought to involve the inhibition of 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 2 by glycyrrhetinic acid. Some risk factors have been reported, but differences between Japan and other countries have not been reported. Case
  • PMID 24620820
  • Efficacy of oral potassium chloride administration in treating lactating dairy cows with experimentally induced hypokalemia, hypochloremia, and alkalemia.
  • Constable PD1, Hiew MW2, Tinkler S2, Townsend J2.
  • Journal of dairy science.J Dairy Sci.2014 Mar;97(3):1413-26. doi: 10.3168/jds.2013-6982. Epub 2013 Dec 28.
  • Hypokalemia occurs commonly in lactating dairy cows. The objectives of this study were to determine (1) whether a 24-h oral KCl dose of 0.4g/kg of body weight (BW) was effective and safe in hypokalemic cattle; (2) whether potassium was best administered as 2 large doses or multiple smaller doses ove
  • PMID 24377802


  • 体外循環管理時のアルカレミア環境下での「いが状赤血球」形成に関する研究
  • 曽山 奉教,吉田 秀人,瀧本 順三郎,高橋 幸博
  • 体外循環技術 41(2), 139-143, 2014
  • アルカレミア環境下で血液が過度に希釈される状況では、体外循環開始後早期およびmodified ultrafiltration(MUF)施行後の再循環回路内に血液凝集塊の形成をもたらす。我々はトリス塩酸緩衝液を用いて調整した4種類のpH条件(pH7.5、pH8.0、pH8.5、pH9.0)で、倒立型ルーチン顕微鏡を使用し赤血球形態を観察した。更に、pH7.5とpH9.0の条件でトリス塩酸緩衝液下にア …
  • NAID 130004876280
  • 体外循環時のアルカレミア環境下での血液凝集塊形成に血小板凝集、血栓形成が関与するのか?
  • 曽山 奉教,吉田 秀人,下村 大樹,高橋 幸博
  • 体外循環技術 = The journal of extra-corporeal technology 40(1), 1-6, 2013-03-01
  • NAID 10031164316
  • 糖尿病ケトアシドーシス発症時に代謝性アルカローシス,低K血症,低Mg血症を伴ったMODY 5の症例
  • 伊藤 聡,内丸 亮子,渡部 真実,長倉 芳樹,金崎 章,岩崎 直子,内潟 安子,山本 俊至,佐藤 直之,中山 智祥,青木 一孝,寺内 康夫
  • 糖尿病 56(2), 93-101, 2013
  • 飲水を好み清涼飲料水の多飲が常習化していた若年男性が糖尿病ケトアシドーシス(DKA)として急性発症しながら,代謝性アルカローシスも合併し,結果としてアルカリ血症だった症例を経験した.低血圧で低K血症,低Mg血症があり,尿中Cl再吸収試験にてGitelman又は3型Bartter症候群と同様の尿細管機能異常を認めたが,両者の原因遺伝子に異常を認めなかった.高血糖解除後も内因性インスリン分泌は低下して …
  • NAID 130004511339


alkalemia / ˌæl kəˈli mi ə / Show Spelled [al-k uh-lee-mee-uh] Show IPA noun Pathology. abnormal alkalinity of the blood. Origin: 1920–25; alkal(i) + -emia Unabridged Based on the Random House Dictionary ...
alkalemia /al·ka·le·mia/ (al″kah-le´me-ah) increased pH (abnormal alkalinity) of the blood. al·ka·le·mi·a (l k-l m-) n. A decrease in hydrogen-ion concentration of the blood or a rise in pH. alkalemia Etymology: Ar, al + galiy, wood ash ...


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