accessory pancreas

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  • 十二指腸副乳頭部に腫瘤を形成した副膵管領域原発膵管癌の1例
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Accessory pancreas is a rare condition in which small groups of pancreatic cells are separate from the pancreas. They may occur in the mesentery of the small intestine, the wall of the duodenum, the upper part of the jejunum, or more rarely, ...
Most people have just one pancreatic duct. However, some have an additional accessory pancreatic duct also called the Duct of Santorini, which connects straight to the duodenum at the minor duodenal papilla. Both these ducts connect to the ...


figure 2b example of accessory pancreatic Accessory pancreatic ductAccessory pancreatic duct of pancreasaccessory pancreatic duct (duct of




aberrant pancreas, pancreatic rest
副膵 accessory pancreas異所性膵 ectopic pancreas heterotopic pancreas



accessory pancreas (Z)



  • adj.
  • 付属の、アクセサリーの、
  • n.

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「clothing that is worn or carried, but not part of your main clothing」
accoutrement, accouterment

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「a supplementary component that improves capability」
appurtenance, supplement, add-on

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「furnishing added support; "an ancillary pump"; "an adjuvant discipline to forms of mysticism"; "The mind and emotions are auxiliary to each other"」
adjunct, ancillary, adjuvant, appurtenant, auxiliary

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「someone who helps another person commit a crime」

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「《通例複数形で》(…への)『付属品』,アクセサリー《+『for』+『名』》 / (法律用語で)従犯者,犯人隠匿(いんとく)者 / 付属の / 従犯の」


  [★] 膵臓

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「a large elongated exocrine gland located behind the stomach; secretes pancreatic juice and insulin」

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