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「the presence of acanthocytes in the blood stream (as in abetalipoproteinemia)」

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  • Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura and hypokalaemic dRTA with compensated haemolysis and striking acanthocytosis in a band 3 (SLC4A1/AE1) A858D homozygote.
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  • 有棘赤血球舞踏病におけるVPS13A遺伝子のコピー数変異 (特集 コピー数変異)
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Acanthocytosis can refer generally to the presence of this type of crenated red blood cell, such as may be found in severe cirrhosis or pancreatitis, :150 but can refer specifically to abetalipoproteinemia, a clinical condition with acanthocytic red ...
30 Nov 2011 ... Acanthocytosis. Acanthocytes (from the Greek word acantha, which means thorn) , or spur cells, are spiculated red cells with a few projections of varying size and surface distribution (see the images below).


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  [★] 有棘赤血球舞踏病


  [★] 有棘赤血球舞踏病


  [★] 神経有棘赤血球症