N-linked glycoproteins

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  • Cytosolic-free oligosaccharides are predominantly generated by the degradation of dolichol-linked oligosaccharides in mammalian cells.
  • Harada Y1, Masahara-Negishi Y1, Suzuki T2.
  • Glycobiology.Glycobiology.2015 Nov;25(11):1196-205. doi: 10.1093/glycob/cwv055. Epub 2015 Jul 23.
  • During asparagine (N)-linked protein glycosylation, eukaryotic cells generate considerable amounts of free oligosaccharides (fOSs) in the cytosol. It is generally assumed that such fOSs are produced by the deglycosylation of misfolded N-glycoproteins that are destined for proteasomal degradation or
  • PMID 26206502
  • Hydrazino-s-triazine based labelling reagents for highly sensitive glycan analysis via liquid chromatography-electrospray mass spectrometry.
  • Zhao MZ1, Zhang YW1, Yuan F1, Deng Y1, Liu JX2, Zhou YL3, Zhang XX4.
  • Talanta.Talanta.2015 Nov 1;144:992-7. doi: 10.1016/j.talanta.2015.07.045. Epub 2015 Jul 20.
  • Labelling strategy plays an important role in mass spectrometry (MS) based glycan analysis due to the high hydrophilicity and low ionization efficiency of glycans. Ten hydrazino-s-triazine based labelling reagents were synthesized under facile and controllable conditions for highly sensitive liquid
  • PMID 26452918


  • Structural and biochemical characterization of O-mannose-linked human natural killer-1 glycan expressed on phosphacan in developing mouse brains.
  • Morise Jyoji,Kizuka Yasuhiko,Yabuno Keiko,Tonoyama Yasuhiro,Hashii Noritaka,Kawasaki Nana,Manya Hiroshi,Miyagoe-Suzuki Yuko,Takeda Shin'ichi,Endo Tamao,Maeda Nobuaki,Takematsu Hiromu,Oka Shogo
  • Glycobiology 24(3), 314-324, 2013-12-17
  • … The human natural killer-1 (HNK-1) carbohydrate comprising a sulfated trisaccharide (HSO3-3GlcAβ1-3Galβ1-4GlcNAc-) is expressed on N-linked and O-mannose-linked glycans in the nervous system and involved in learning and memory functions. …
  • NAID 120005587882
  • Highly sensitive oligosaccharide analysis in capillary electrophoresis using large-volume sample stacking with an electroosmotic flow pump.
  • Kawai Takayuki,Watanabe Masato,Sueyoshi Kenji,Kitagawa Fumihiko,Otsuka Koji
  • Journal of chromatography A 1232, 52-58, 2012-04-06
  • N-linked glycans released from three glycoproteins, bovine ribonuclease B, bovine fetuin, and human α(1)-acid glycoprotein were also analyzed by LVSEP-CZE. …
  • NAID 120003988354


N- and O-linked Protein Glycosylation-"N-Linked "-All N-linked carbohydrates are linked through N-Acetylglucosamine and the amino acid asparagine as shown in Figure 1. The N-linked amino acid ...
Mechanism of N-Glycosylation In contrast to the step-wise addition of sugar groups to the O-linked class of glycoproteins, N-linked glycoprotein synthesis requires a lipid intermediate: dolichol phosphate. Dolichols are polyprenols ...






  • n.
  • v.

WordNet   license wordnet

「the means of connection between things linked in series」

WordNet   license wordnet

「a unit of length equal to 1/100 of a chain」

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「an interconnecting circuit between two or more locations for the purpose of transmitting and receiving data」
data link

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「a fastener that serves to join or connect; "the walls are held together with metal links placed in the wet mortar during construction"」
linkup, tie, tie-in

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「(computing) an instruction that connects one part of a program or an element on a list to another program or list」

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「(鎖の)『輪』,環 / 鎖のようにつながったソーセージの一節 / (…と)つなぐ物(人),(…との)きずな,つながり《+『with』(『to』)+『名』》 / 《複数形で》=cuff links / …‘を'『つなぎ合わせる』,連結する;(…と)…‘を'つなぐ《+『名』+『with』(『to』)+『名』》 / (…と)結合する,つながる《+[『up』(『together』)]『with』+『名』》」

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「the 14th letter of the Roman alphabet」

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  [★] 糖タンパク質

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「a conjugated protein having a carbohydrate component」


  [★] ネオジム neodymium

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  • n.
number of experimentsample size
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