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maximum surgical blood order schedule
最大輸血準備量 最大手術血液準備量


  • Maximum surgical blood ordering schedules for revision lower limb arthroplasty.
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  • BACKGROUND: Effective utilisation of blood products is fundamental. The introduction of maximum surgical blood ordering schedules (MSBOS) for operations has been shown to improve transfusion services. A retrospective analysis was undertaken to establish an evidence-based MSBOS for revision total hip
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  • Routine pre-operative cross-match for elective colorectal resections: an appropriate use of resources?
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  • INTRODUCTION: our Maximum Surgical Blood Ordering Schedule (MSBOS) recommends that blood is cross-matched prior to elective colorectal resections. National guidelines state that blood should not be cross-matched if blood usage is below 50%. Our aims were to determine compliance with local and nation
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  • INTRODUCTION: Excess-ordering of cross-matched blood in preparation for elective surgery is expensive with associated blood shortages and time-expired wastage. Although, the maximum surgical blood order schedule (MSBOS) for breast reconstruction recommends pre-operative cross-match of 2-6 units of r
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  • 第三病院における最大手術血液準備量(MSBOS)の評価と今後の課題 (第107回成医会第三支部例会)
  • 手術と貧血対策 (特集 貧血患者へのアプローチ)
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  • NAID 40016216717


科 術 式 手術 件数 出 血 量 MSBOS 平均 最小 最大 産婦 卵巣嚢腫切除術 48 187 5 1500 T&S 子宮筋腫切除術 27 416 37 2000 T&S 子宮全摘出術 111 360 14 1002 T&S 広範子宮全摘出術 20 1720 200 2800 11 腹式子宮全摘出 ...
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