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intravascular ultrasonographyintravascular ultrasound

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  • Spontaneous coronary artery dissection.
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  • Spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD) is a relatively rare and unexplored type of coronary disease. Although atherosclerosis, hormonal changes during pregnancy and connective tissue disorders might represent a sufficiently convincing explanation for some patients with SCAD, the many remainin
  • PMID 24861255
  • Bioresorbable vascular scaffolds for left main lesions; a novel strategy to overcome limitations.
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  • Coronary artery atherectomy reduces plaque shear strains: An endovascular elastography imaging study.
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  • Mechanical response and properties of the arterial wall can be used to identify the biomechanical instability of plaques and predict their vulnerability to rupture. Shear strain elastography (SSE) is proposed to identify vulnerable plaque features attributed to mechanical structural heterogeneities.
  • PMID 24835433


  • A case of very late stent thrombosis with coronary aneurysm and stent fracture after implanting silolimus eluting stent
  • 齋藤 千紘,田中 博之,麻喜 幹博,磯貝 俊明,上田 哲郎
  • Journal of the Japanese Coronary Association, 2013
  • IVUS revealed coronary aneurysms and stent fracture. …
  • NAID 130002585959
  • A case of effective repeated distal protection on acute and subacute phase PCI to occluded sirolimus-eluting stent in SVG
  • 重城 健太郎,齊藤 克己,鈴木 ゆき,天野 宏,河合 靖,竹内 靖夫
  • Journal of the Japanese Coronary Association, 2013
  • … During IVUS imaging after thrombectomy, delayed blood flow in SVG was detected on angiography with decrease in systemic blood pressure. … IVUS showed insufficient stent expansion but minimal lumen area was sufficiently gained, therefore, angioplasty for bailout was exterminated without adjunctive dilations. … Although 'filter-no-reflow' re-occurred, systemic condition did not deteriorate and well-apposed stent was confirmed by IVUS. …
  • NAID 130002585932


さあ、今日もエクササイズの時間だ。 今日のエクササイズは、IVUS(血管内超音波検査)だぞ! IVUSはPCI(経皮的冠動脈形成術)の手技でなくてはならない重要な検査だ。 ほとんどのPCI症例
血管内超音波 IVUS 血管内超音波検査(IVUS)は超音波を用いて血管内部の断層画像をリアルタイムで見る事 が出来る検査です。一般的には経皮的冠動脈形成術(PCI)を施行する際に行われ、手技をより安全に確実におこなうためには ...


Figure 1: IVUS ImageCan Using IVUS (Intravascular Ultrasound Fig. 3 IVUS image before PCIFig. 4 IVUS image after stentingfigure 2 an intravascular ultrasound ivus Active Research Projects

リンク元intravascular ultrasound」「血管内超音波検査」「intravascular ultrasonography」「血管内超音波

intravascular ultrasound」


IVUS, 血管内超音波
redirect 血管内超音波検査
intravascular ultrasonographyIVUS



intravascular ultrasoundintravascular ultrasonographyIVUS

intravascular ultrasonography」



intravascular ultrasoundIVUS



intravascular ultrasound, IVUS



  • adj.
  • 静脈内の


  [★] 静脈性尿路造影 intravenous urography

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