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interdigitating dendritic cell

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  • … A needle biopsy of a mass in the right breast of a 36-year-old woman revealed invasive ductal carcinoma (IDC), and approximately 20% of cancer cells showed unequivocal membranous staining with the HercepTest. … By histological and immunohistochemical examinations, the resected tumor consisted mainly of E-cadherin-negative invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC), and the rest was ERBB2-positive IDC; …
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  • 知って得する! (新)名医の最新治療(Vol.315)MRI対応のIDCが登場、心筋焼灼術で根治も 致死性不整脈(ちしせいふせいみゃく)
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  • … She had undergone multiple excisional biopsies of fibroadenomas in both breasts and mastectomy for invasive ductal carcinoma (IDC) of the left breast. … A core needle biopsy revealed IDC of the right breast. … The IDC was 2 cm in diameter, of nuclear grade 2, and adjacent to a 0.7-cm fibroadenoma with a macrocalcification. … The margins of the IDC close to the fibroadenoma were clearly demarcated by the fibrous capsule of the fibroadenoma. …
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先読みinterdigitating dendritic cell

interdigitating dendritic cell」

  [★] 指状嵌入樹状細胞



thymus (M)
  • HIS.244
  • 一次リンパ性器官


  • T細胞を分化させる
  • 正の選択:自己のMHC+自己ペプチドに結合できるT細胞のみ生存
  • 負の選択:自己のMHC+自己ペプチドに強く結合するT細胞は死滅




発生 L.337

  • 第3咽頭嚢の腹側翼から形成される




  • 皮質
  • 細網細胞
  • 髄質
  • 髄質上皮細胞



marginal zone
  • 図:HIS.250
  • 形質細胞、T細胞、B細胞、マクロファージ、指状嵌入樹状細胞(IDC)などが存在(HIS.252
  • 数多くの小さな血管がリンパ節を取り囲むように存在し、辺縁洞を形成(HIS.252)



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「the 9th letter of the Roman alphabet」

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  • n.
dosagedoseinjected doseinput

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「a card or badge used to identify the bearer; "you had to show your ID in order to get in"」

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