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  • Anatomy and Histology of the Male Reproductive Tract and Spermatogenesis Fine Structure in the Lesser Anteater (Tamandua tetradactyla, Myrmecophagidae, Xenarthra): Morphological Evidences of Reproductive Functions.
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  • The anatomy and histology of the male genital tract of the lesser anteater were studied. Fine details of spermatozoa regarding their genesis and morphology were also studied in six adult specimens. The testes lie in the pelvic cavity. The deferent duct emerges from the epididymis and opens into the
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  • Cowper gland syringocele.
  • Wu F, Park E, Udayasankar U.SourceCleveland Clinic Children's Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio.
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  • 経尿道的開窓術を施行した成人Cowper's syringoceleの1例
  • 増田 憲彦,三品 睦輝,北村 悠樹 [他]
  • 泌尿器科紀要 58(7), 355-359, 2012-07
  • … We present an adult case of Cowper's syringocele. … Considering the results mentioned above, we diagnosed the patient with Cowper's syringocele. … Transurethral unroofing of the Cowper's syringocele was performed with a cold knife, and the excessive tissue on the edge of syringocele was electroresected to avoid recurrence. … Cowper's syringocele is typically diagnosed presenting with hematuria, urinary tract infection, and disuria in male infants and children. …
  • NAID 40019362573
  • A Histologic Study on Growth Promoter Target Organs of Slaughtered Beef in Molise Region (Italy)
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  • … After slaughter, samples of prostate, Cowper's glands, Bartholin's glands, mammary gland, ovaries, thymus and thyroid were collected, inspected and processed for histopathology, as suggested in the guidelines of the Italian national program for residue surveillance (PNR). …
  • NAID 130001879819


A bulbourethral gland, also called a Cowper's gland for English anatomist William Cowper, is one of two small exocrine glands present in the reproductive system of many male mammals (of all domesticated animals, they are only ...
Cowper's gland duct から球部尿道への開口部の高度の. 狭窄,または閉塞がある ため duct の内部は造影され. ず,高度に拡張した syringocele が尿道を圧迫し排尿. 障害を来たす.また perforate type では開口部の高度. の開大により duct ...


 Bulbourethral Glands (Cowper’sGlands cowper s glands and prostate gland iiSlide 16 of 21cowper s gland 1 smooth muscle 2 duct 3




bulbourethral gland (Z)
glandula bulbourethralis
カウパー腺 Cowper腺 Cowper gland (KH)


  • 尿道球腺の分泌物はアルカリ性の透明な粘稠液で、尿道の粘膜表面を潤滑にする(KL.452)
  • 性的興奮の際に反射的に尿道に分泌される。




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「any of various organs that synthesize substances needed by the body and release it through ducts or directly into the bloodstream」
secretory organ, secretor, secreter

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「English poet who wrote hymns and poetry about nature (1731-1800)」
William Cowper

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「English surgeon who discovered Cowper''s gland (1666-1709)」
William Cowper